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LEAP collaborates with its client partners to (1) integrate disparate sources of relevant online and offline data, (2) deploy that data to optimize and execute multichannel campaigns that enable audience growth, activation and engagement, and (3) empower publishers with customer intelligence, technology and expertise that facilitate the delivery of targeted, multichannel advertising solutions and new revenue.


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“LEAP's shared cost approach enables our company to achieve a level of end-to-end marketing sophistication that is technologically unachievable for independent media enterprises such as ours.”

Rich Forsgren, Director/Audience Strategy & Technology, Erie Times-News

" Partnering with LEAP allows us to streamline our data and market more strategically to people who have a high probability of becoming subscribers. Likewise, LEAP helps us with our retention efforts by communicating with subscribers regularly and at specific times in the customer’s lifecycle."

Carol Horton, Vice President, Marketing, The Buffalo News

"Leap Media Solutions merges all our data to provide a 360 degree profile of each person in our market - subscribers and non-subscribers. They then use this data to manage and optimize our retention and new start marketing efforts, while also helping to reduce stops through increased reader engagement."

Matt Miller, Vice President, Chief Revenue Officer, The Observer-Reporter (Washington, PA)

Customer Intelligence

Don’t let your customer knowledge be limited to an address, start date and rate paid

Shared Resource Management

Make end-to-end, data-driven audience management an affordable reality

Proven Best Practices

Marketing campaigns that are measurable, proven and replicable

Managed Services

A contracted process for audience development and monetization that does not depend on publishers adding new resources

Targeted Growth Model

Target high opportunity segments based on a variety of meaningful criteria and maximize your ROI

Multichannel Campaign Execution

Execute campaigns across online and offline channels for audience growth, engagement and monetization